American Association of Credit Counselors


The American Association of Credit Counselors has a long history of representing consumers and bringing fair and transparent solutions to debtors in need.

Founded as early as 1955 and latter disbanded in the 1980s. The new American Association of Credit Counselors has been formed on the same core principles but began anew in 2010.

The new AACC was formed following a meeting held by consumer advocate Steve Rhode. The meeting, held on November 13, 2010 in Raleigh, North Carolina was called the Rally in Raleigh and brought together a number of like minded individuals that were interested in putting consumers first.

Here is a video presentation from that meeting with attendees, which included most of the founding group members and Allison Brown of the Federal Trade Commission.

The participants in the creation of the group were consumer advocate Steve Rhode from and the following debt relief companies:

Founding Members

Ironically, while the group name is the American Association of Credit Counselors we are not a formal association. Instead we are a group of consumer firstdebt relief companies like that have come together under strict and tough standards to provide the most open and transparent services possible to assist people with debt problems. The intention of the group is to be inclusive of all debt relief providers that put the consumer first.

In order to protect the mission of this group, new members may be added by invitation only. Invitations may be extended in the future, but only based upon the history of the company and their past and future commitment to placing consumers first.

The purpose of the group is to first assist consumers to receive ethical, open and transparent advice and assistance. Second, to work closely with regulators and legislators and provide information and data to honestly understand the debt relief world. We are not a lobbying organization.

As a consumer advocate, Steve Rhode assisted us in forming this group and played an integral role in the creation of standards to best protect consumers. His site also serves as a public location that consumers can use to voice and opinion or ask for help if any member has not been responsive to the needs of a consumer.


Membership is by invitation only and new members must be approved by at least 80% of current members to be admitted.