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New Era Debt Solutions

New Era Debt Solutions

Individual(s) in Charge: Alex Viecco
Email Address: AlexatNewEraDebtSolutionsdotcom

Individual(s) in Charge: Dan Smith
Email Address: DanatNewEraDebtSolutionsdotcom

Company Name: New Era Debt Solutions
Company Street Address: 295 Willis Ave., Camarillo, CA 93010
Company Website URL:
Telephone Number: 888-639-4050
Email Address: infoatNewEraDebtSolutionsdotcom

Services Provided:

  • Debt Settlement Counseling
  • Debt Settlement Services


1. What is your company position on putting consumers first in providing debt relief services?

As consumer advocates and financial coaches, we believe consumers need to look at their debt as a part of their overall finances. We have seen the tragedy caused by people only servicing their debt without any regards to saving for the future, thus making people more at risk of being dependent on the credit cards.

We understand that the more education we give people about getting out of debt the more positive impact we will have in their overall financial well-being.

2. What is your approach when helping people with problem debt to find the right solution?

We believe in providing people the information they need to help them make the best solution and one they can live with. We start by going over all of the choices available and which ones may or may not be available to each client based on their individual circumstances.

3. How important is customer satisfaction to you and your company?

Customer Satisfaction is critical to our company. We are not one of the companies that have jumped on the bandwagon of charging our fees based on performance because the new FTC rules dictated that. We have ALWAYS charged our fees based on performance. This means the fees we charged we had to earn by performing for our clients. This made customer satisfaction critical to our business and has been the back bone of our business for over a decade.

4. What steps do you take to make sure customers are happy and satisfied with the services you deliver?

We believe in constant communication. By providing a constant flow of verbal as well as written communication to our clients we feel that the process can be better managed by the clients we serve. Along with that constant flow of communication, we survey all of our clients to ensure we maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Thus far we have maintained a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

5. How can consumer’s best communicate with you to reach a staff member quickly?

The consumers can contact our office via e-mail or phone. Clients enrolled in our program will be assigned a team to help them through the whole process, they will get to know each other and have a contact person to deal with as opposed to being transferred to any random agent.

6. What is your standard response time to consumer inquiries?

Although we return all contact information immediately, we also have an internal policy that we return all calls within 24 hours.

7. Do you require the consumer to provide any personal information prior to being able to review the contract you will ask them to sign?

We only ask for basic information and generate a Good Faith Estimate for clients in writing allowing them to set the proper expectations. After that we will provide all consumers with our agreements in writing allowing them plenty of time to review prior to signing anything.

Our agreements can also be viewed online

8. Are you willing to share your company performance numbers and do you feel that information is important for consumers to know?

Our performance numbers can be viewed online

9. When a consumer elects to utilize the services you offer, what is the process to get things rolling?

Customers will have a few ways to get started, from online sign ups to faxing and even regular mail. The customer has to be a good fit for the program. We do both phone underwriting and internal underwriting to ensure the client will have the best chance of succeeding.

10. What states do you provide services in?
We operate in most States and the list is always changing, please refer to our website for updates.

11. Are you licensed in and/or meet all requirements in the states your service?

Yes. The list is always changing as are the requirements for some States.

12. Are you willing to work closely with any regulator or legislator to better understand the services you or the debt settlement industry provide?

Absolutely, we believe we are currently doing that. Transparency is very important to us. Being consumer advocates enables us to look at the process as if we were consumers ensuring we work closely to protect consumers from bad actors.

We also believe it is our responsibility to report and assist regulators when we notice any wrong doings. Their hands are full and may not have the time or staff to catch everything.

Our ultimate goal is to help the consumers and the only way to do that is by ensuring we protect all of their options.

13. What is your opinion on the need for companies to provide transparent information to consumers?

As consumers ourselves, we think it would help everyone. We do realize that in MOST industries this does not happen, however we think that due to the recent growth and problems in this industry transparency should be required. It is most helpful for consumers and regulators.

14. Is debt settlement the only solution for consumers or are there times that a debt management plan, loan, or bankruptcy might be appropriate solutions?

Debt settlement is only one option. It is definitely not a panacea for consumer’s debt problems, however for the proper individual it will certainly be an option that can provide a fast track to reducing their unsecured debt. Consumers need to have the options explained to them and allow them to make an educated choice that will best suit their need, attitude and temperament.

15. Describe what you feel the AACC means for consumers and why you are a part of it.

We believe the AACC means a group of dedicated companies that are walking the walk and are looking out for consumers. This allows consumers to make a better decision and determining if Debt Settlement is well suited for them. If not, pointing a client to a more suited solution which could be monthly payments, a consolidation loan, credit counseling or even a bankruptcy.

16. Why do you help consumers to deal with problem debt?

We originally started as Financial Coaches and Consultants helping people plan for their future. What we quickly realized is that the debt people were carrying was growing very rapidly and MOST consumers did not have any idea about how credit cards worked.

We started to seek options available and stumbled upon debt settlement. We studied it further and in detail and found that this would be a great solution for some of our clients. About the same time, we saw a TV show that described how two young students took their life because of debt. As parents, we were VERY motivated to help as many people as we could.

We love to make a difference and every day we get a chance to help someone put their debt behind them and get a fresh start which includes saving for their future and learning how to use their ability to use credit.