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Active Debt Solutions

Individual(s) in Charge: Sean Ryan
Email Address: seanatactive-debtdotcom

Individual(s) in Charge: Angelo Anzalone
Email Address: angeloatactive-debtdotcom

Company Name: Active Debt Solutions
Company Street Address: 110 E. Atlantic Ave – Suite 250, Delray Beach, FL 33444
Company Website URL:
Telephone Number: 866-720-7483
Email Address: angeloatactive-debtdotcom

Services Provided:

  • Debt Settlement Services
  • Debt Management (Consumer Credit Counseling) Programs
  • Consolidation Loans
  • Bankruptcy Attorney Referrals


1. What is your company position on putting consumers first in providing debt relief services?

I believe structuring my company as a success based program (while 99% of the industry harmed consumers for years with upfront fee debt settlement programs) speaks volumes about how we put consumers first. We have been strong advocates for regulation and applaud the recent FTC ban on upfront fees.

Common sense demands the simple question – Why pay for a service that has not been provided? There have been countless times that my staff negotiates a great settlement but the client does not have enough funds to cover settlement amount and our fee combined; In all of these cases, we have set aside our fees in order to facilitate a great settlement. This puts our fee at risk, and in some, rare cases we have lost it, but the goal for every client must be to get them out of debt as quickly as possible. This position has served our clients’ best interests first and has helped build the trust and confidence sometimes needed to successfully complete our program.

2. What is your approach when helping people with problem debt to find the right solution?

Every client goes through an extensive financial review to determine which program is the best option. We have never believed in trying to fit a round peg in a square hole and debt settlement is certainly not for everyone in debt.

Over the course of 3 years, we have turned away more clients than we have enrolled because their situation did not justify a debt settlement program. We take into consideration the consumer’s specific financial situation, their concerns and their goals to determine if a Debt Management Plan, a Debt Settlement Plan or bankruptcy is the best course of action.

We offer only the facts, remove any pressure and allow the client to make their own decision based on their options. As a company that, for years, has been paid ONLY at settlement, we have learned that unless the client understands their options AND decides their own course, they will not follow through on the program. We simply do not want to waste our resources chasing client’s that do not need our services!

3. How important is customer satisfaction to you and your company?

Let’s face it, if a client is unhappy they will take their business elsewhere. If a Debt Settlement program is not explained correctly the consumer will have unrealistic expectations. Our process calls for a welcome call with every new client where the program is explained once again, realistic expectations are laid out with complete directions on how to handle creditor calls, what to expect next and answer any questions the client may have.

In addition, our customer service department conducts monthly calls to remind the client of upcoming draft and address any concerns. When a consumer understands what happens once a debt is defaulted on, and knows what to expect next, it alleviates the emotions involved with debt and gives confidence and some peace of mind.

4. What steps do you take to make sure customers are happy and satisfied with the services you deliver?

In addition to our initial welcome call and monthly customer satisfaction calls we recently began sending all new clients a customer satisfaction survey shortly after enrollment and also sending existing clients a “how are we doing” survey every 6 months to ensure continued customer satisfaction and proudly reward our employees who have earned the highest satisfaction ratings.

We are in talks with a few 3rd party customer satisfaction survey companies and will be shifting to an independent agency to provide verifiable results. These results will be posted on our website to help consumers can make an informed decision not only based off of settlement performance data but off of customer service data as well.

5. How can consumer’s best communicate with you to reach a staff member quickly?

Every client is given our toll- free number along with each department’s extension. If the client does not recall the correct extension, the automated attendant easily routes calls to the correct department; we also provide clients with email address to each department and fax number to send any correspondence. Clients can also contact us through our website at

6. What is your standard response time to consumer inquiries?

Most calls/emails are returned right away but our policy is that every message/email must be returned within 24 hours.

7. Do you require the consumer to provide any personal information prior to being able to review the contract you will ask them to sign?

Current contract terms and conditions are not a “trade secret” as some unscrupulous companies claim! The fact that they convince so many unwary “clients” to give them their personal information as well as bank account information is alarming, but a common practice!

We do not require any personal information, we have nothing to hide and our contract/terms and conditions are posted on our website for the public to see. We advise everyone to stay away from a company that requires any personal information prior to sending out an agreement.

This is the link to our contract. It is on our website homepage at

8. Are you willing to share your company performance numbers and do you feel that information is important for consumers to know?

More than willing, I feel it’s the best way for a consumer to make an informed decision on which company to choose. One of the biggest accomplishments from the FTC’s ruling was to stop the misleading claims in marketing ads. When a level playing field is created the consumer can choose based off a company’s performance history and know those numbers are accurate, in the same way a mutual fund shows its past performance so an investor can compare side by side and make a decision.

You can see our current performance statistics here.

9. When a consumer elects to utilize the services you offer, what is the process to get things rolling?

Consumers can get started right away in most cases; once the consumer has a copy of their statements our enrollment department can perform a complete financial analysis and suggest the best course of action. Once the consumer fully understands the available options and makes a decision the next step is for the client to sign and return the agreement.

10. What states do you provide services in?
We currently do not provide services in KS, WI, WV, IL, CO, CT and ND

11. Are you licensed in and/or meet all requirements in the states your service?

Yes, we meet all requirements in states that do not require licensing and we are licensed or pending in states that do require licensing.

12. Are you willing to work closely with any regulator or legislator to better understand the services you or the debt settlement industry provide?

I would absolutely be willing to work with anyone interested in understanding our services or the industry. The time has come, now that most of the bad players are out of the picture (with the exception to the “Lawyer Model”) for us to restore confidence to not only the regulators, attorney generals and legislators but consumers as well. This can only be done with total transparency – not just transparency with settlement data but with customer satisfaction data as well.

13. What is your opinion on the need for companies to provide transparent information to consumers?

In my opinion, offering transparency is the absolute key to success in this industry. It’s the only way to restore consumer confidence, spot trends and patterns, it’s necessary to ensure that potential clients have their expectations met and most importantly to hold companies accountable for the claims they make.

14. Is debt settlement the only solution for consumers or are there times that a debt management plan, loan, or bankruptcy might be appropriate solutions?

Debt settlement is absolutely not the only solution for consumers. As I previously stated, we have turned away more clients over the past 3 years than we have enrolled because their situation simply did not justify a debt settlement program. Debt Settlement harms the consumers credit, exposed them to collection calls and possible legal action therefore; it is only after eliminating Debt management as an option that Debt Settlement is offered.

15. Describe what you feel the AACC means for consumers and why you are a part of it.

Why are we a part of the AACC? A fresh start! We refused to be associated with TASC or USOBA when we realized they were hijacked by companies that were only interested in lobbying for protection of their upfront fee model. An association is supposed to set standards for its members to abide by, not serve in its own best interest. This is an opportunity to join together with like minded companies that even prior to new laws, were providing debt settlement services the correct and ethical way.

And through transparency we can provide consumers a trustworthy source of information where they can compare reputable companies side by side and make an informed, educated decision. In addition, I feel it’s a great way to restore confidence in our industry to not only consumers but regulators, legislators and attorney generals. We are proud and excited to be a part of AACC.

16. Why do you help consumers to deal with problem debt?

When I got into the industry three years ago there was (and still exists) a clear need for debt settlement services but it didn’t take long to notice that most companies charged all of their fees upfront and the fall off rate was extremely high; I knew right away that this model was harmful to consumers and that if we were paid for performance we could offer a real and tangible service to consumers faced with tough choices. I am passionate about being in this industry; I have always routed for the underdog, stood up to bullies and spoken up to any injustice. What can I say, I enjoy going up against these giant credit card companies, collection agencies and law firms – it gives me that “David and Goliath” feeling. It is also very rewarding to hear the sigh of relief and the appreciation from my clients when they are notified of a settlement.

  • Angie B.

    My husband and I have been members of Active Debt Solutions for 2 years now and have been very please with the progress that has been made in paying off our debts. We started out with eight accounts to be paid and are now down to three. The service staff at Active Debt is very helpful and go the extra mile to explain procedures to you as you go through the process of lowering your debt. We both are very please with the service that we have received from all the staff at Active Debt Solutions and would recommend this service to others who may be struggling with debt. It has truly been a God send for us.
    Angie and Bobby

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