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Individual(s) in Charge: Mike Croxson
Email Address: mcroxsonatcareonecreditdotcom

Company Name: CareOne Services, Inc
Company Street Address: 8930 Stanford Blvd. Columbia, MD 21045
Company Website URL:
Telephone Number: 866-866-1388
Email Address: mcroxsonatcareonecreditdotcom


1. What is your company position on putting consumers first in providing debt relief services?

Our experts are available to help consumers find the best debt relief solution, whether they are getting out of debt on their own, or will need the help of a debt management plan, a debt settlement plan, or filing bankruptcy.

At CareOne, consumers can directly share their needs and get heard by our coaches and experts through many channels, such as our Ask the Expert forum. They will receive ongoing support and interact with an entire community who share similar experiences during the journey out of debt.

We are a company that transforms itself by placing the consumer’s needs first, looking ahead at consumer trends and challenges to come up with debt solutions that are innovative, relevant and effective. By listening to our consumers’ needs and valuable feedback, we’re able to continuously improve our innovative services.

2. What is your approach when helping people with problem debt to find the right solution?

It’s important to educate yourself about debt relief options before making any financial decisions on the best solution. CareOne experts are available to help people learn along the way. Whether consumers seek free budgeting assistance, credit counseling or just looking for ways to reduce debt, we’re here to help find the right solution. At My CareOne, consumers will find others who are managing debt, sharing personal experiences and finding ways to cut expenses to be more financially fit. If they are not sure where to begin, we offer a free, objective financial assessment upfront to get matched with the right plan for their needs.

3. How important is customer satisfaction to you and your company?

At CareOne, customer satisfaction is not just our goal, it’s our promise. Through a certified credit counselor, our customer service channels, or our online community, customer satisfaction permeates every aspect of our business. We involve customers in every step of their debt relief plan to simplify their lives and help them achieve their financial goals.

To prove our commitment and to assure effective debt relief, CareOne also promises a simple 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Within the first six months of joining a debt relief plan, if any customer is not completely satisfied with the service, support, or benefits they’re receiving, they may cancel their debt relief plan to receive a full refund of service fees already paid to date. No questions asked.

4. What steps do you take to make sure customers are happy and satisfied with the services you deliver?

It is important customers have the best possible experience while we continually improve the level of service we deliver. We monitor and review the feedback provided through our channels including customer satisfaction surveys and online forums to make sure customer needs are addressed. As a company, we maintain a total quality management system that provides quality control points which focuses on the customer experience to ensure quality delivery in all of our services.

5. How can consumer’s best communicate with you to reach a staff member quickly?

Consumers can connect with a counselor immediately via telephone and online through our Help Center at

6. What is your standard response time to consumer inquiries?

Depending on the method of inquiry, our standard response varies, but it is immediate. Consumers can contact CareOne Services and connect with a state certified counselor from 8 a.m. EST until 2 a.m. EST. Through an online chat service, they can reach a certified counselor immediately between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. EST. Consumers who send email will receive a response within a 24 hour period.

CareOne debt relief experts are also online and available to directly connect with consumers. Tammy Bradford can be reached in Ask the Expert forum, and Suzanne Cramer on Twitter @AskCareOne and @ADivorcedMom.

7. Do you require the consumer to provide any personal information prior to being able to review the contract you will ask them to sign?

Yes. In order to provide the most accurate, personalized financial support and recommendations, we must ask consumers for certain budgetary and income information, including information about their debt.

Deciding the right plan is going to depend on a number of factors, but is ultimately based on the severity of the customer’s financial situation and their ability to repay creditors. We don’t ask for any personal information from consumers who are just inquiring about how our services work.

8. Are you willing to share your company performance numbers and do you feel that information is important for consumers to know?

We have not been providing settlement services for long enough to have statistically reportable results at this point. We will not hesitate to provide statistics when they are available and can be useful.

9. When a consumer elects to utilize the services you offer, what is the process to get things rolling?

The process starts immediately. Once a consumer decides to enroll in a CareOne financial solution, the appropriate documents are sent immediately via email/online channels. If the consumer signs and returns the documents immediately, the account can be debited for payment creditors within two days and the journey toward financial freedom can begin. The process is longer for those consumers who choose to communicate through traditional mail channels.

10. What states do you provide services in?
CareOne service providers and technology partners offer Debt Management Plans (DMP) and Debt Settlement Plans (DSP) across all 50 states.

11. Are you licensed in and/or meet all requirements in the states your service?


12. Are you willing to work closely with any regulator or legislator to better understand the services you or the debt settlement industry provide?

It’s important we work on the behalf of consumers at a national scale with legislators to manage the industry and oversee companies who provide debt relief services. Our mission is to help consumers break the cycle of debt, it is important we work closely with regulators to build in-depth understanding of consumers needs and share realistic financial solutions that enable consumers to better manage their money successfully.

13. What is your opinion on the need for companies to provide transparent information to consumers?

We believe that open communication and full disclosure with our clients are essential for achieving success and conquering debt. At CareOne, we disclose upfront, issues or challenges our customers may face while on one of our debt relief programs, including possible increased collection activities, as well as potential impacts to credit. That way, they know exactly what they are getting into and understand the challenges of getting out of debt.

Our online customer portal, My CareOne, offers full transparency into each customer’s plan and complete access to track progress as the customer works toward becoming debt-free. By fully engaging our customers, we help them take an active role in their own success. We also offer a comprehensive communications architecture and a robust online community to keep our customers informed and up to speed every step of the way.

14. Is debt settlement the only solution for consumers or are there times that a debt management plan, loan, or bankruptcy might be appropriate solutions?

There are many options to consider when it comes to debt relief. The most common options are a Debt Management Plan (DMP), Debt Settlement Plan (DSP) and even bankruptcy. Before choosing any option, consumers should compare providers before joining a debt relief program. At CareOne, they can receive a free financial assessment, which provides an objective recommendation around a solution that best suit their specific needs. Depending on a consumer’s needs and the amount of debt they are able to repay, a consumer can be enrolled in a DMP or DSP. They will receive customized support and have access to a variety of money management tools and resources, including our online community.

15. Describe what you feel the AACC means for consumers and why you are a part of it.

CareOne is a part of the American Association of Credit Counselors because we support its high standards aimed to protect consumers, create transparency and uniformity in the debt relief industry. We share a common goal as consumer advocates who work with legislators and regulators to build understanding around the financial needs of consumers who aim to break the cycle of debt.

16. Why do you help consumers to deal with problem debt?

Our commitment to assist consumers remains unwavering. Struggling consumers are good people who just need the right tools to manage their money most effectively. From a small, start-up business with two employees at a kitchen table to a robust enterprise with employees across the country, helping people overcome their debts remains our top priority. We’re committed to working solely on behalf of consumers to help them gain the confidence and knowledge to better manage their finances during their journey toward a debt-free lifestyle.

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  • Gbiree

    Can your company actual reduce my current debt of $18.885.00 down to $ 7,544.00 with a lower payment than 702.00

  • Scoblentz

    Hi Gibree,
    Without a personalized review of your actual finances, it is hard to give you an answer. I would recommend that you go through our online enrollment through where you can get a free no obligation plan estimate. This will give you a solid estimate of what your monthly Debt Management Plan payment would be. You can also call in and speak with one of our certified credit counselors for the same evaluation, 1-888-CARE-123.
    Good Luck with your decision,
    Suzanne Coblentz