American Association of Credit Counselors


CESI Debt Solutions

Individual(s) in Charge: Diane Chen
Email Address: dchenatmycesidotorg
Company Name: CESI Debt Solutions
Company Street Address: 3700 Barrett Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609
Company Website URL:
Telephone Number: 866.484.5373

Services Provided:

  • Nonprofit Credit Counseling in 50 States
  • Financial Education Seminars in the Raleigh, NC area
  • HUD Housing Counseling in NC and SC


1. What is your company position on putting consumers first in providing debt relief services?

At CESI Debt Solutions we believe the needs of the consumer should be of the highest importance when approaching any debt relief service. This can be a stressful or frightening experience for the consumer and we seek to answer their questions and calm their fears while providing quality education and effective services that meet their immediate needs.

We look for new and innovative ways to engage with consumers in a format that meets their lifestyle and is comfortable for them. Our quality assurance department continually measures the effectiveness of our interactions with consumers to assure that their needs are always met.

2. What is your approach when helping people with problem debt to find the right solution?

We believe that many times debt a symptom of a larger problem that can often be uncovered and addressed with proper tools and education. We work to address the holistic needs of the consumer rather than just the debt they are struggling with. Through our comprehensive counseling session we seek to provide the consumer with an array of choices for their situation and let them choose the best fit for their needs. We provide support, follow-up and education to each consumer we speak to regardless of the solution they choose.

3. How important is customer satisfaction to you and your company?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. A satisfied customer will stick with the solution they have chosen and meet their ultimate goal – freedom from debt! We provide a satisfaction guarantee for the services we offer and continually asses our staff and services through our quality assurance standards.

Our highest goal is for every one of our clients to be so pleased with our services and their experience with our staff that they would recommend us to their friends and family.

4. What steps do you take to make sure customers are happy and satisfied with the services you deliver?

Since customer satisfaction is a priority for our agency, we have developed an extensive quality program to monitor and measure satisfaction. Our program includes the following:

  • Advanced Quality Monitoring system: This system records all calls and allows quality managers as well as our supervisors to remotely monitor team members.
  • Quality Department: This department monitors each counselor on a consistent basis and provides feedback and any areas of improvement. This department also monitors consumer complaints and provide areas of opportunity to avoid future occurrences.
  • Follow-Up Calls: We have our agents to follow-up with consumers even those who do not enroll in our debt management program to ensure satisfaction with our service.
  • Customer Survey: We also perform customer surveys both done by our agency and an external company to gauge customer satisfaction.

5. How can consumer’s best communicate with you to reach a staff member quickly?

Consumers can reach us by creating support request, emails and by phone.

Customers are best able to reach us via email or phone. See above.

6. What is your standard response time to consumer inquiries?

Our standard response time for consumer inquiries is maximum 24 hours.

7. Do you require the consumer to provide any personal information prior to being able to review the contract you will ask them to sign?

Since the contract we provide is personalized, we do ask for some personal data prior to a consumer reviewing the contract that would include their monthly payment.

8. Are you willing to share your company performance numbers and do you feel that information is important for consumers to know?

Yes, we are willing to share our company performance numbers.

9. When a consumer elects to utilize the services you offer, what is the process to get things rolling?

When a consumer elects to utilize our services, the process to get things rolling is for us to perform a financial assessment which includes a budget and net worth statement so we determine what service best suits the consumer’s need.

Once completed, we review the options available and develop an Action Plan for the consumer which includes educational tools and resources tailored to the specific customer. Finally we start the process needed for whichever plan the consumer needs.

10. What states do you provide services in?

We service all 50 states.

11. Are you licensed in and/or meet all requirements in the states your service?

We are fully licensed and meet all the requirements of each state that we service.

12. Are you willing to work closely with any regulator or legislator to better understand the services you or the debt settlement industry provide?

We welcome the opportunity to work with regulators and legislators so that we are better prepared to meet the needs of the consumers we serve. The better we are able to understand the current trends, challenges and legislative opportunities within our industry, the better we are able to assist our consumers achieve their financial goals.

13. What is your opinion on the need for companies to provide transparent information to consumers?

We believe that transparency, honest communication and warm respect are the hallmarks of effective customer service. When our clients fully understand all the details of the services we provide and the challenges they may face, they are better equipped to conquer their debt.

We provide full and comprehensive disclosures to each client about the details of our services prior to enrollment.

14. Is debt settlement the only solution for consumers or are there times that a debt management plan, loan, or bankruptcy might be appropriate solutions?

Consumers have many options when it comes to Debt Relief and none of them are “One Size Fits All”. We believe that each family and individual has unique needs that must be addressed for them to be successful on any debt relief program. For that reason each of our counselors are fully equipped to evaluate the needs of each consumer and make personalized recommendations about the solutions that are the best fit for them.

15. Describe what you feel the AACC means for consumers and why you are a part of it.

The American Association of Credit Counselors is an outstanding organization committed to high standards and to providing the most open and transparent services possible to assist people with debt problems. CESI believes that the interest of the consumer must come first within our industry and we are committed to working toward that goal as part of the AACC.

16. Why do you help consumers to deal with problem debt?

Our commitment to helping consumers deal with debt is at the forefront of everything we do. We are dedicated to improving the consumers’ quality of life by providing avenues and tools for financial independence and financial freedom. A consumer that is free from the daily stress of debt is able to fully enjoy their life and serve the needs of their family and community. This is why we do what we do!